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New Bone China

What is new bone china?

New bone china is a new recipe that artisans try to study using various clays. It is the raw material for tableware and other utensils. After being fired in a high-temperature kiln, the new bone china can show a clear and bright ivory texture. The production process has far exceeded the primary ceramic production.

Its essence is a kind of white porcelain. By adding different proportions of raw materials to the porcelain blank, it affects the firing temperature, deformation, water absorption, and light transmittance of traditional porcelain, forming a kind of appearance quality The above is similar to bone china, and the internal quality is better than the new material of bone china.

Without any animal bone meal, it perfects and reflects the advantages of traditional bone china and retains the strong hardness of strengthened china. The raw material contains 20% quartz, 30% feldspar and 50% kaolin. New bone china will never add other chemical materials such as magnesium, calcium oxide, etc.

The difference between new bone china and bone china

  • The raw materials used are different. Generally, more than 40% bone powder is added to bone china, and no bone powder is added to new bone china.

  • The bone china is fired twice, and the new bone china is fired once.

  • Compared with new bone china, bone china has softer whiteness, higher transparency and lighter porcelain. Compared with bone china, new bone china is stronger, more resistant to falling and more resistant to high temperature.

In short, New Bone China is not a new variety of bone China, and the two are very different.

Features of New Bone China

Lightweight-about 1.5 times the weight of bone china but half lighter than strengthened china.

Translucent-preserves the light transmittance of bone china. Under the light, it shows elegant ivory color and bright color, which can well set off the hue of food.

Tough-After high temperature (800°C -1280°C) double-baking calcination, the new bone china can withstand knocks more than strengthened porcelain, reducing the damage rate of the hotel.

Durable-The glaze of Lu Shengxin bone china is strong. In all-day dining restaurants where knives and forks are used for a long time, it is not easy to be scratched by knives and forks. There is also a 5 years or 5000 cleaning guarantee for the glaze.

Suitable for oven-Even if Lusheng New Bone China is placed in a 180°C oven and then immersed in 20°C tap water, it will not crack. It can be safely used in dishwashers, refrigerators, ovens and microwave ovens.



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