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Why Choose A Double-walled Coffee Mug?


As coffee lovers know, drinking coffee is not only an act, it is a work of art. The quality of the coffee beans, the type of brew or the material of the French press pot are all important when it comes to this type of art. The most important part, however, is the cup that holds the treasure.


The main advantages of a double-glass coffee mug



Double walled glass mugs are lighter, even though they have double walls. They are lighter than most mugs, almost half the weight.


Better thermal insulation

Thanks to its double wall feature, it keeps you hot and cold compared to most coffee mugs. In addition, the double walls also help to prevent condensation.


More clarity

Because it is not ceramic but glass. It allows you to monitor the level of coffee in the glass with each sip.


More beautiful

Double-walled glass is attractive when it creates the illusion that the coffee is floating in the middle. You can use it as most cafes do to serve other multi-layered drinks.


With or without handles

Its thermal properties make them double-glazed cups without handles. You can barely feel the heat of the hot drink inside them. This is one thing that mugs with handles cannot compete with. Hold some mugs, even with handles, and you'll still feel the heat. A double-glass mug, with or without a handle, is very comfortable to hold.


200ml Double Wall Glass Coffee Mug

200ml Double Wall Glass Coffee Mug 

Why choose a double-walled coffee mug?

It needs to be delicate, chemical-free, lightweight and resistant to thermal shock. If you are more than just a coffee lover looking for the right cup, then let us introduce you to the perfect match: double-walled glass coffee cups. Thanks to their overlapping layers, double-walled coffee cups offer you the best coffee drinking experience.


Whether you want to enjoy your coffee in the morning, afternoon or evening, you can enjoy your drink with these beautiful mugs. These mugs have improved glass insulation to provide you with a hot morning coffee to get you ready for the rest of the day.


Coffee mug types need to be produced using durable materials as they carry hot and cold drinks at different times. You may want to enjoy the warmth of coffee before a long meeting, or need to wake yourself up with the shockingly cold sweetness of iced coffee. At this stage, heat-resistant borosilicates emerge with their hard and timeless structure. With a wide range of uses from cooking materials to laboratory equipment, borosilicate glass combines simplicity and functionality in one.


Large double coffee cups made from mouth-blown borosilicate make the cups scratch and temperature resistant. As double-walled coffee cups prefer to be washed in the dishwasher, you don't have to set them aside and put all the other coffee cups in the machine. These double-walled glass coffee cups are also safe to use in the fridge, oven and microwave, meaning they can survive temperatures of -20 to 150 degrees Celsius.

Clear Coffee Mugs

Clear Coffee Mugs

If you are more than just a coffee lover

Looking for the right cup, let us introduce you to the perfect match: the double-glass coffee mug.


Fully equipped for hot and cold drinks

Sometimes, in this fast-paced world, you can find it difficult to spend time relaxing with the people you love. Coffee breaks are the perfect time to put a smile on your face and spend time with family and friends. At these times, you want to do your best to serve your guests the best coffee, in the best cups, knowing that when first class people are around, the coffee is served in first class ingredients. Open your kitchen cupboards and grab a double decker coffee mug now out! Whether your guests want their coffee hot or cold, these cups are at your service.


At the base of these cups, a small circle is placed to allow the glass to breathe as it fills with liquid and to regulate the pressure between the two layers. Due to the nature of the material, these double-walled coffee cups are resistant to cracking when exposed to extreme temperature changes. That's why you can turn your guests' hot espresso into a Frappuccino at the touch of a button. With these double-walled coffee cups, more coffee is being served now than ever before!


Not just any glass: the best borosilicate

No matter who you are or what you do, you need to settle down from time to time. You can do this by practising proper yoga in silence or by reading fluent books. Sometimes a good cup of coffee works best for you. From the moment you smell its heady scent, you will feel at ease within your body.


The double-walled coffee cup with handle is 100% BPA-free and made of borosilicate glass. This is the best and healthiest alternative to mugs for your safe coffee drinking. Naturally lighter, borosilicate also enhances the comfort of the double-walled coffee mug. Best of all, with its durable construction, elegant design and hygienic materials, the double-walled glass mug offers everything you need in a coffee cup.

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