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The Quality Standard of Ceramic Tableware


Appearance quality standard:

Appearance quality is an important indicator of porcelain product grade classification. my country's current product standards divide products into three categories: high-quality products, first-class products, and qualified products. The high-quality products are equivalent to the international advanced level, the first-class products are the domestic advanced level, and the qualified products are the domestic general level. The appearance quality of top-grade products basically meets the requirements of "five without one small", that is, no spots, no slag, no color dirty, no pinholes, no glazed scratches, and small deformation. If there are spots on the product, it will always give people a feeling of uncleanness, thereby affecting appetite. First-class products and qualified products have larger requirements for allowing defects than superior products.

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Lead and cadmium dissolution standard:

The amount of lead and cadmium eluted is an important safety and health index for ceramic products. The presence of lead and cadmium is due to the ceramic pigments contained in the decorative patterns on the surface of the product. The presence of lead may also be caused by the addition of lead-containing components to reduce the firing temperature of the surface glaze of the product. If the production process is not properly controlled, it is very easy to cause excessive dissolution of lead and cadmium during use. Frequent use of such products can easily cause lead and cadmium heavy metal poisoning. The national standard GB12651-2003 "Allowable limit of lead and cadmium dissolution of ceramic products in contact with food" is a national mandatory standard, and its scope of application covers all daily-use ceramic eating utensils. The standard stipulates that the leaching amount of lead and cadmium in any single product is not allowed to exceed the specified allowable value. Among them, flat products (products with a depth of less than 25mm from the lowest surface inside the product to the horizontal surface of the mouth) are specified as: lead leaching amount 7mg/l, Cadmium dissolution rate 0.50mg/l; small hollow products (products with a depth greater than or equal to 25mm from the innermost surface of the product to the horizontal surface of the mouth edge, and a volume less than 1.1L) The specified values are: lead dissolution rate 5.0mg/l, cadmium dissolution rate 0.50mg/l; large hollow products (products with a depth greater than or equal to 25mm from the innermost surface of the product to the horizontal surface of the mouth edge, and with a capacity greater than or equal to 1.1L) The specified values are: lead dissolution amount 2.5mg/l, cadmium dissolution rate 0.25mg /l.

Thermal stability standard:

Thermal stability means that the product does not crack or break during the heat exchange. The quality of thermal stability can reflect the service life of ceramic products. The greater the temperature difference between heat and cold exchange, the longer its service life. The standard generally stipulates that it is heated to 180°C and then put into water at 20°C, taken out to observe whether there is damage, this temperature does not appear to be damaged, and its service life can generally reach more than 2 to 3 years.

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