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How To Choose A High Borosilicate Glass?



1. Science

2. How to select

3. Maintenance and care



The main component of ordinary glass is silica, an amorphous inorganic non-metallic material, generally made from a variety of inorganic minerals as the main raw materials, such as: quartz sand, borax, boric acid, barite, barium carbonate, limestone, often, soda ash, etc., in addition to a small amount of auxiliary raw materials.


High borosilicate glass is a glass with enhanced refractory properties, based on the composition of ordinary glass, adding 12.5~13.5% boron, in the manufacturing process, it also needs to add glazing water glass sand, soda and lime, and its strain temperature can reach 520, and its strength is also a little higher.

High Borosilicate Glass Mug


Compared with ordinary glass, it has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion: (3.3 Shi 0.1) × 10-6/K, which is only about 1/3 of ordinary glass. That is, the deformation after heat is smaller, so it is less likely to break after heat and cold. We should all have this experience, winter directly to the thicker glass into the glass of boiling water, the glass will directly crack.


In addition, water resistance, alkali resistance, acid resistance and other properties are much stronger than ordinary glass. Of course, it does not mean that high borosilicate glass will not be heat rupture ha, but compared to ordinary glass, not so easy to break, so if you buy a high borosilicate glass cup, or have to be treated carefully ah.


The space shuttle insulation tile is also coated with high borosilicate glass, which shows how strong the performance of high borosilicate glass.


It is also because all aspects of performance than ordinary glass, so the price is a little higher.


In the cup of all the materials, glass is the healthiest, one is because the main components of the glass is particularly stable, does not contain organic chemicals, almost no chemical reaction with anything; two because the glass surface is particularly smooth, easy to clean.


High Borosilicate Glass Mug


How to choose?

1. Transparency: if not colored glass, should be colorless, particularly transparent, without any impurities, and no lumps of glass visible to the naked eye.


2. As a cup, itself not large, with little material, is not allowed to have bubbles present.


3. If not shaped glass, check the roundness of the mouth and bottom of the cup, whether it is a positive circle, and whether the distance from the mouth to the bottom of the cup at all points is absolutely equal.


4. Whether the cup is molded, if there is obviously rough workmanship.


5. Whether there is rubbing hair and abrasion.


6. Check the certificate of conformity and the main materials, see whether it is ordinary glass or high borosilicate glass.


High Borosilicate Material Heat Resistant Single Wall Glass Juice Cup

Maintenance and care

Whether it is glass or high borosilicate glass, they are very hard, but low strength, that is, not resistant to fall, fragile, so it is best to hold lightly to prevent bumping.


Each use should be cleaned immediately, not only to clean the cup body, but also to clean the lid, the bottom of the cup and any other places where dirt may be hidden.


Especially tea scale, must be cleaned in time, tea scale contains cadmium, lead, iron, arsenic, mercury and other harmful heavy metals, if you enter the body, will be combined with the food protein, fat, vitamins and other nutrients, generating insoluble substances, hinder the absorption of nutrients.


For stubborn tea scale, can be used vinegar, bleach soaked can be easily removed.


After washing, it is best to invert it on a shelf, drain the water and put it in the locker.

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