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Double Glass Coffee Cup Adds Warmth to Your Life


Top-quality designer glass-super clear glass coffee cup, made of lead-free high-quality borosilicate glass, can be stored in the refrigerator. You can pour boiling water into the cup to make tea, or put latte and various beverages. It can hold 100 degrees high temperature hot water, tea, carbonated, fruit acid and other beverages. It is resistant to malic acid and has no peculiar smell. Keep a few at home, which are both practical and beautiful.

About borosilicate glass

The cup body of the water cup is made of  high-quality borosilicate crystal glass tube. The high borosilicate lead-free glass, especially the transparent glass, is not the ordinary leaded glass in China. The transparency is not strong, and the transparency is extremely high with wave lines.

Borosilicate glass is known for its low thermal expansion rate and less thermal stress. When used as a glass container, it can withstand instantaneous temperature changes from -30°C to 150°C. Because of its low dispersion and relatively low refractive index, it is widely used in high-end wine glasses.

Glass Coffee Cup

Advantages of high borosilicate material heat-resistant double glass coffee cup

1. Wear-resistant, smooth surface, easy to clean, healthy and sanitary;

2. The double-layer heat insulation design of the cup body not only maintains the temperature of the tea soup, but also makes it easier to drink; 3. It is fired at a high temperature of 630 degrees, which is adaptable to temperature changes and is not easy to burst; food-grade standards

4. Handmade-clear double wall glass-very suitable for coffee, tea, ice coffee and cold drinks.

5. Double-layer glass can keep your beverage insulated, so that it can keep hot and cold for a long time.

6. The perfect hot or cold drink: double wall glassware can maintain the hot or cold temperature of the liquid for a long time, while the glass outer wall maintains a comfortable touch.

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